WiFi in Fromentine

Points d'accès WIFI à La Barre de Monts Fromentine - Crédit photo Simon Bourcier

How to connect to the Internet with Wifi Fromentine ?

Go to “Wireless networks”, choose the network “Wifi Fromentine” and then click on “Log in”.
Open a new Internet page and you land on the homepage of Wifi Fromentine. Then,
You can connect: 
- with your Facebook account
- with your Twitter account
- with your Google account
- with your email address

Click on “I accept the general terms and conditions”

A message appears:
“Please click on the link which was sent to your address: …………….@.....com in order to confirm your email”

Be careful! The email can arrive in your spams.

Once your email address confirmed, you can surf on the Internet as you want.

1 free hour per day
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